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Escorts do’s and don’t while meeting clients

Working as an escort requires well stipulated rules that work in favor of both the escort and the client. The rule of good business is customer satisfaction but also not at the expense of the business owner.

If you are looking to start off as an escort, we have some basic Do’s and Don’t that you may find very useful


Simple Etiquette  

Being polite and friendly to the client sets the right mood for business, says Pooja a female Mumbai escorts. Even if the client is not being as gentlemanly as you expected, maintaining professionalism is very important.

Personal Effects

Come prepared, says Aisha, an independent Mumbai escorts. Bring makeup for touch-ups, personal accessories so you can look as good as you came and most importantly, protection. Do not assume the client will have them, always stay vigilant. Also, keep emergency effects close a cellphone, emergency contacts and some cash in case things don’t go as planned.

Be proactive

Anticipate any situations and follow your instincts, if anything seems weird or fishy, tell him that you need to leave or cancel the appointment. It is advisable to take a driver along on an out-call booking.


Check the client’s body of the client for any kinds of wounds, scars, red bumps, allergy marks and so on and inquire if you feel it looks serious. Ask the client to take a bath or bath him and make it a part of the session if you feel the need limit the risks of being infected or getting intimate with a dirty and distasteful client.

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Competitive services

Get your head in the game and offer the client the kind of service they are paying for. If you are distracted or terrible at your job, you may lose that and many other clients, says Kaya, a female escort in Mumbai. Clients expect all your attention to be on them so make sure you are on top of your game.


Attitude and Mood Swings

The last thing a client needs is attitude, unless that is what they are paying you to do. If you feel like you cant attend to a particular client, it is better to cancel the session that go in and ruin your rating, says Priya, an independent Mumbai escorts. Staying professional is the tool of trade in the escort business.

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Drugs and Alcohol

It is very important to keep your wits when out on a call. Allowing yourself to get drunk or tipsy puts your life in danger because it messes with your instincts and your ability to make rational decisions. Treat escorting as you would any other high-pressure job, says Lisa, an escort in Mumbai. If you wouldn’t get drunk on a corporate meeting then you shouldn’t do so when meeting up with a client.

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